Letter of tenderness

On this very spot

I met you in November

Waiting for a medal

After the embittered struggles

An untenable promise I made

Reeking with tears

Amid the countless shuttles

Between Calabar and Uyo

I tasted a culture

So savoury and sweet

Amid the Calabar people

Houses lost in the forest

Amid the communal land

Men clothed in nature

Around the wonderful palm groves

Singing with dear bacchus

And I wait the moon

To hear the crickets

Play me a song

To attenuate the pains

Of a long forgotten history

A god toots its horn

In my very system

And I recognise a weird sister away

I had made a fool of ……

And I loved you with pain

Married to my poems of days

I overpulled the strings ami

I wait over the wings

Around the wonderful palm grove

Singing with dear bacchs

To drop a cue …