way you can post to social media from your computer

social media is one of the most popular social networks today with an amazing number of over 800 million users. A series that will continue to grow more and more over time.

It is well known that this type of application is usually permitted by mobile phone . Although you can access the platform in the web version, the number of things done on it is really limited.

One of the tasks we want to do from mobile, and we would like to do from the computer, is upload content, this feature is only available in applications. However, we have found some tricks that can help you keep track of your social media posts.

While the current web version does not allow us to do basic tasks such as uploading content to our account, we have come up with several options that you can take from your computer’s convenience to purchase any photo or ad.

Download an emulator

A mobile emulator is a great way to access an account without using a phone. It’s pretty simple to set up, just follow these steps:

  1. You need to open Google Chrome browser
  2. Look for the Mobile Browser Emulator and install it on your computer
  3. Enter social media using your username and password.
  4. After installation you must click on extension M.
  5. Choose the first option that says: «Mobile – Portrait»
  6. Once selected, this opens an additional tab that shows the option to add a photo, just like in the mobile app.
  7. It clicks and confirms that you can upload any photo you want to social media.
  8. When the photo is uploaded, you can modify it and add the photos as you wish.
  9. The following is a button with the button at the top right, and you can see the field to describe the photo.
  10. Once you have the edited photo you will select the share button.

Once you have all these steps in place, you will have your favorite posts on social media.

Change it to the mobile version

In 2017, social media enabled the upload of photos from a mobile mobile browser, fortunately we can copy it to our computer with the following steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser and enter social media
  2. Start your account as if you were from a mobile app
  3. Once logged in, you need to click your mouse and select the Check tool
  4. You need to select the camera that appears in the bottom menu, and you can upload the photo you want as if using a mobile app.

Use other apps


It’s a tool that has the capability of uploading pictures to your social media account from the convenience of your PC. It can help you manage any online marketing issues you have with your social media accounts.


  • You can create images on your PC and post them directly to your social media account.
  • It’s free
  • You can easily and quickly manage more than one account on different devices.


  • You cannot create a photo schedule.
  • You cannot use two different accounts from the same device.

You need to download this tool through its website and paste it into your computer, log in with your username and password, select the photo you want to upload, leave a description and publish it.


This gadget is paid, you can upload photos to different social media accounts if needed.


It’s a tool you can embed on social media from your computer, it has a great text editor that you can use in images. The application is paid for but gives you 7 free days. Its total price is $ 8.


This program works for MacOS where you can use the mobile version without using the browser. It’s a free version, but you can’t use filters.

The sharpest

This is an app that allows you to manage multiple social networks at the same time, and the free version allows you to post daily social media posts. The best thing about this application is that you can plan all the editions. The big disadvantage is that the free version does not have the ability to have multiple accounts at the same time.

With these tricks we just gave you on social media from PC to PC, it won’t be that difficult for you anymore. We hope that for this new year, social media will finally be able to upload your photo from your computer. This will not only help its users, but will greatly contribute to the use of this tool as a business account