Catfish and its important

Catfish has a pretty good business prospect in the field of fisheries, especially as an ingredient for the food industry. Moreover, the development of the cuisine business from the main ingredients of catfish is one of the prima donnas today. Related to cultivation, you can use snails as organic food for catfish.

Because the feed can be an economical solution amid the high price of feed for catfish. Snail (Achatina fulica) is one of the favorite ingredients of farmers because it is relatively easy to obtain and the price is cheap.

This feed material can be processed in various ways. However, before doing one of several alternative ways to make snails as catfish feed, snails are removed first from their shells, then cut the meat into small pieces.

The first alternative

Snail meat that has been cut into small pieces immediately put away without further processing with other mixtures in catfish farming ponds. It’s just, this just meets the needs of animal protein and overrides the need for vegetable protein and carbohydrates needed catfish in its development.

The second alternative

Make a mixture of as much as 50% snail, fine bran (bran) as much as 15%, 15 minutes mice or milled corn, and tofu pulp as much as 20%. In this case, snails are a source of protein (animal), fine bran as a source of carbohydrates, just as corn groats are also a good source of carbohydrates for catfish.

Third alternative

Mix 30% snail, 20% soy flour, 50% fine bran. Just like snails, soy flour here serves as a source of protein, but as a vegetable protein that is good for catfish growth.

The last two compositions have the same method of making, that is, all the ingredients are mixed into one, then given enough hot water. After that, stir until evenly distributed. Next, spread the feed to the pond in a wet state.

Meanwhile, to preserve the feed, you only need to provide enough salt. However, salt as a natural preservative does not provide long enough durability, so it must be used as soon as possible. Preservation with this method is clearly harmless, both for catfish and for humans who later eat the catfish meat.

Benefits of Organic Snail Feed

According to testimonies from various parties, the catfish which was given organic food made by its own concoction was more tasty. In addition to the cost of catfish cultivation can be reduced than when using pellets for feed, human health can be guaranteed.

Catfish farmers must also pay attention to the method of feeding so as not to overdo it, because catfish are known to be greedy and can even die from overeating. Check the catfish weight once a week.