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Benefits of Bitter Melon Effective to Treat Diseases-HIV

The benefits of bitter melon turned out to be very great for health, even though it tastes bitter. Not only that, the efficacy of bitter melon fruit was also effective in dealing with HIV AIDS, the most frightening disease at this time. This vegetable fruit is indeed very well known and is so attached to mothers ….  Read More

Benefits of Melons for the Health of Pregnant Women

The benefits of melon turned out to be very good for pregnant women . Melon contains quite high nutrition and is rich in good nutrition for the development of the fetus and the mother who is pregnant. Pregnancy is one of the things that every woman who is married to crave. When pregnant, the mother needs to maintain a ….  Read More

The cool enormity of the benefits of fruit

The benefits of noni for health turned out to be many benefits, even though the shape of the fruit is so bad and full of pockmarks. Even noni fruit is also efficacious in treating various deadly diseases. Noni ( Morinda citrifolia ) is quite popular with various regional names. Some say pace or kemudu (Java), kodhuk (Madura), cangkudu (Sundanese), ….  Read More

Snail meat benefit

Because the feed can be an economical solution amid the high price of feed for . Snail (Achatina fulica) is one of the favorite ingredients of farmers because it is relatively easy to obtain and the price is cheap. This feed material can be processed in various ways. However, before doing one of several alternative ….  Read More

Catfish and its important

Catfish has a pretty good business prospect in the field of fisheries, especially as an ingredient for the food industry. Moreover, the development of the cuisine business from the main ingredients of catfish is one of the prima donnas today. Related to cultivation, you can use snails as organic food for catfish. Because the feed ….  Read More

10 banana usefulness

It sounds strange, but there are some issues that bananas work better than pills. Bananas are beneficial for health as they contain proteins, a large supply of vitamins, as well as other nutrients. According to, recent research has shown that bananas help regulate the menstrual cycle of women and increase the strength of the body. Bananas ….  Read More

How to reconfirm on social media, Learn Now

The daily life of modern society is being invaded by the presence of social networks . It can even be assumed that 80% or more of the young population uses them. In fact, social media is one of the attractive social networks for modern youth. This promises a simple interface that allows for free expression of the user. The platform can ….  Read More