Benefits of Bitter Melon Effective to Treat Diseases-HIV

The benefits of bitter melon turned out to be very great for health, even though it tastes bitter. Not only that, the efficacy of bitter melon fruit was also effective in dealing with HIV AIDS, the most frightening disease at this time.

This vegetable fruit is indeed very well known and is so attached to mothers and women. Not a few women who like these vegetables for cooking or vegetables, although it feels very hated by men.

The bitter taste arising from fruit or vegetables is actually inviting interest because it is considered efficacious. Even the benefits of bitter melon have long been used for traditional medicine in various countries.

Nutritional Content and Benefits of Bitter Melon

In 100 grams of bitter melon contained 19 calories kcal, carbohydrates (4.32 grams), protein (0.84 grams), and sugar (1.95 grams). For minerals there are calcium, potassium (potassium), magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, and zinc (zinc).

No wonder the benefits of bitter melon efficacious cure various diseases. Because, this fruit is rich in vitamins A, C, E, K, B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenic acid), B6, and vitamin B9. This fruit is also rich in fiber but low in fat.

The content of important minerals such as calcium and phosphorus as well as the antioxidant properties contained in this fruit are efficacious in increasing immunity and endurance, smoothing metabolism and digestion.

This fruit is also known to be anti-biotic, anti-cancer, anti-malaria, and also efficacious in dealing with jaundice. This is mainly due to the content of beta carotene in bitter melon.

In addition to the benefits of bitter melon in dealing with cancer, these vegetables are also good for regular consumption to nourish the heart as well as to deal with heart disease .

Bitter melon also has a unique function because it is able to balance blood sugar levels while also stimulating insulin production. For this reason, bitter melon fruit is also recommended for regular consumption to treat diabetes .

The benefits of bitter melon are also believed to cure rheumatism, abdominal pain, overcoming fever, menstrual pain, and to overcome bronchitis. Usually if for treatment, the bitter melon is boiled and the water is used for treatment.

Phytochemical compounds, lycopene, and albiminoid contained in bitter melon are also known to be efficacious for treating diabetes and stimulating appetite.

Benefits of Pare Fruit as Anti-HIV

In addition to the efficacy of bitter melon for health and treating various diseases, the other benefits of bitter melon that are currently in the spotlight is its ability to overcome and ward off HIV-AIDS.

A study conducted by Professor Lee Huang of New York University in the United States found interesting facts. He found the presence of these vegetables that are effective in suppressing the spread of the HIV / AIDS virus in the body.

In his research, the professor found a substance called momordica antiviral protein 30 (MAP 30), alpha momorchorin, and beta momorchorin. This substance is found in old bitter melon seeds.

These substances are known to prevent and prevent the HIV virus from spreading in the body. The results of research on the benefits of bitter melon could shock the world because of the lack of drugs to ward off HIV-AIDS.

Based on the results of this study also substances in the bitter melon fruit have been used for handling HIV / AIDS as well as so that the deadly virus can be localized so as not to spread throughout the body.

As is known, the HIV virus attacks the body’s immune system. This is what will make the body like being gnawed by a disease that can cause death. While in the benefits of bitter melon there are calcium and phosphorus and antioxidant properties that are efficacious to increase body immunity.

Currently the anti-HIV substances in bitter melon have been mass produced and used as a drug to treat HIV-AIDS.

It turns out that behind the bitter taste, consumption of vegetables needs to be encouraged so that the benefits of bitter melon are more felt both to increase endurance and for treatment.